Remote Patrols

Don’t have the spend for a full-time guard on-site? A virtual one is the next best thing. Roden Security’s high level surveillance can give you the extended security presence you need for when traditional manpower isn’t an option. Our offsite monitoring, building controls, intrusion detection systems and video surveillance can be tailored to suit your […]

After Hours Staff Escorts

Working after hours and working alone can increase yours or your employees risk of certain hazards. This is due to the reduction of immediate assistance in the event of an incident or emergency that could occur. Roden Security provides after-hours staff escorts by foot or vehicle. Our after hours staff escort team are trained security […]

Workplace Intervention

Workplaces should be committed to early intervention of any occupational violence in the workplace. This is increasing in recent years and it is the responsibility of the employer to intervene early on to avoid any kind of long-term impact. Roden Security will take care of the hard parts for you and intervene in your workplace […]

Remote Alarm Responses and Video Verification

The Roden Security team of professionals can respond to your alarms and any potential security breaches from our monitoring centre. Our remote alarm responses and video verification catches any criminals in the act and allows our operators to instantly verify what sort of response is needed and if emergency services are required.  This reduces your […]