Since 1971, we at Roden Security have found most false alarms are a result of human error like doors left open, keys in doors, gates open and lights left on.

Don’t ruin your holiday or outing only to return to a false alarm.

Our 24 hour response team takes the hassle and potential danger from you or your family having to investigate an alarm after an activation.

The Roden Security fleet of patrol vehicles allows us to keep our response times to a minimum meaning less property damage, less theft and enhanced safety.

Feel safe knowing we will respond swiftly and take action without having to disturb you unless it is absolutely necessary.


Imagine this; you are woken at 3am by the sound of glass breaking downstairs. Knowing that something is wrong, and fearing for you and your family’s safety, you are afraid that an intruder may hear you making a distressed call to the police.

With a back to base monitored alarm, a quick push of the panic button on the alarm panel means that the monitoring centre will call the police and also make a call to you to make sure you are OK.

When you have a back to base monitored alarm you can feel safe and secure in your home at all times.


Medical pendants for the elderly provide peace of mind and urgent medical response when needed. Worn around the neck like a lanyard, these pendants have a simple button that, when pressed, sends a medical assistance alarm to the monitoring centre to get a response underway.


Smoke alarms save lives.

Every year on the news you see family’s lives destroyed by fire. All too often the truth is there were no smoke alarms.

With our smoke alarms all you need to do is get out. When you have back to base monitoring of your smoke alarms the monitoring centre will call all the necessary emergency services for you, keeping you focused on getting you and your family out safely.

Let us secure what you love