Access Control

Access Control

Roden Security provides all types of access for your strata.

In a modern world, access control is critical to strata security. Roden Security provides access control in the form of card readers, key fobs and biometric scanners such as fingerprint and retina recognition. Roden Security can also set up facial recognition. 

We also offer state of the art number plate recognition technology enabling access gates to identify permitted number plates and allow access to your strata building easily. 

Access control allows you to take control of where and when your building can be accessed. This is particularly handy for allowing access for things like tradesmen and cleaners or delivery services when you are not home. 

Our systems are advanced and can identify individuals and allow access and egress to a pre-defined area by simply scanning an access card. The card reader then analyses the data stored on the card and determines whether the user has authorised entry based on access level, date and/or time. This information is stored and recorded for future reference or reports. 

Individual access is monitored, your building protected and full activity reports provided through this type of system. 

Roden Security also service existing access control solutions. Need new cards supplied or added to your system? We can manage your system or fix any issues you may be having with your current access system.

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