What our clients say

What our clients say

I telephoned a few companies that repair and install intercoms and some did not even return my call. Your company impressed me because you came on time, your service was extremely professional and your manner and your technician’s was very courteous. Service of that quality is rare these days. I would highly recommend your company to anyone and I would definitely use you again if required

Lena – Hurstville

We had a tricky situation with neighbours bordering criminal behaviour. We hired Roden Security to finish the council approved project that the neighbours were deliberating sabotaging. We were in urgent need of help. The Roden Staff gave us a professional quote within half an hour. They got the job and we could not be happier. Professional, on time, they made us feel safe, they were super smart at preempting any problems, they were super switched on. The project could not have been completed without them. The professional manner contained the whole situation without any incidents.

From the bottom of our hearts we thank you!


Roden monitor the alarm at my home and business.

I often work back late and I am the only one left in the office most of the time. I feel assured when the control room ring to see if I am ok and what time would I be leaving.

Also my husband travels a lot for work and spoke to Chris Hodge about this. Chris made arrangements for the technician to come and program our alarm so I could partially arm the alarm when I was at home and also whilst asleep.

I can’t tell you how secure this makes me feel.


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