Security App

Security App

Ready for instant access to what’s happening in your home?

Our security apps give you access to your home from your mobile or tablet device wherever you are, no matter what the time.

Take control with some of the exciting features including:

Arm & Disarm – turn your alarm system on or off from the apps.

Customise Notifications – choose when and what you want to know by setting notifications tailored to your needs.

Anytime Viewing – watch a live video of your home anytime, from anywhere.

Access for family & friends – give access to your app to your family and friends.

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Apps for your alarm

Pocket Secure

Suitable for all alarm brands and is a ideal way to take control of your home or business alarm system.

With Pocket Secure you can turn or or off you alarm from anywhere and quickly see your alarm history

With Pocket Secure PLUS along with the above you can also have instant alarm alarm notifications and even send panic alarms with real time location to the monitoring centre

Customise notifications

Set notifications and know what’s going on in your home anytime. You’re in control with customised alerts, sent in an instant to any mobile connected device.

Let us secure what you love