Mobile Patrol

Speed and consistency are key to successful mobile patrols.  Roden security uses state of the art technology to coordinate end-to-end security, seamlessly for all types of strata buildings. Our mobile patrol service sees security guards driving from site-to-site checking for security breaches or potential security breaches. The mobile patrols check for unlocked doors, open windows, […]


Roden Security is a leading CCTV supply and installation company servicing NSW. All of our CCTV systems are installed by a master security technician who is fully licensed, qualified and insured. Our systems will meet the specific security needs of your strata building and are something residents can rely on. Keep a continuous eye on […]

Remote Patrols

Don’t have the spend for a full-time guard on-site for your strata building? A virtual one is the next best thing. Roden Security’s high level surveillance can give you the extended security presence you need for when traditional manpower isn’t an option. Our offsite monitoring, building controls, intrusion detection systems and video surveillance can be […]


Roden Security provides video and audio intercom systems to ease communications. Intercom systems offer additional levels of security in any strata building. Roden Security supplies and installs intercoms that are safe, convenient and easy to operate, allowing you to identify visitors before opening the door. Contact the team today to get a Roden Security Intercom […]

Access Control

Roden Security provides all types of access for your strata. In a modern world, access control is critical to strata security. Roden Security provides access control in the form of card readers, key fobs and biometric scanners such as fingerprint and retina recognition. Roden Security can also set up facial recognition.  We also offer state […]