Holiday Survival Guide

It’s finally the most wonderful time of the year!

Christmas season is probably one of the most awaited events for everyone!

Well, for most of us, at least!

Our schedules are flocked by all these family gatherings, and we’re occupied with these exciting trips.

Don’t forget to mention the fact that you’ve been dying to decoration your homes with all your fancy decors and Christmas lights!

But as much as you’ve come prepared for the holidays, how secure do you think your homes are?

If that’s something you’ve been worrying about, then you’ve landed in the right place. Today, we will be sharing with you smart and strategic tips to ensure your homes are safe and secure during the holidays by keeping a monitored security system for you and your family.

It’s time to make the most wonderful time of the year the safest of them all too! Let’s begin.

1. Be Mindful Of Your Holiday Decorations That May Cause Fire

One of the most common threats during this yuletide season would be decorations that might pose a fire threat like Christmas lights and candles.

Well yes, they give light, joy, and add the Christmas spirit to your home. But being too complacent may cause you unwanted trouble.

Here are some tips you can take note of to avoid fire and guarantee home security:

  • Make sure to water your fresh Christmas tree regularly since dry trees may tend to catch fire easily.
  • If you prefer to have artificial trees, make sure they are fire resistant.
  • When it comes to your decorative lights and other strands of holiday paraphernalia, always check their wires from time to time to ensure they are free of damage. Damaged wires may result in overheating and fire.
  • If you love lighting candles, NEVER leave them unattended. Make sure your candles are also far from other decorative items to avoid them from catching fire.
  • Make sure to turn off all your Christmas lights before going to bed.

Lastly, bear in mind that it always pays to come prepared.

To ensure your family is ready for the worse, make sure your loved ones understand fire safety, so everyone knows what to do in case of fire.

Also, don’t forget to double-check your smoke alarm is working properly, just in case.

2. Keep Your Travel Plans Private

Holiday trips are pretty common during the Christmas season. 

Who wouldn’t want to miss seeing loved ones you haven’t been with for an entire year, right?

But one thing you should remember about taking trips during the holidays is to NEVER blast them off on social media.

While we get that sharing many things on social media is a way people do to keep their lives updated to their followers, this might pose a serious threat to robbery.

Avoid posting details or information to places you’re bound to visit, or schedules when you’re leaving and when you’ll be back in town.

This might be a point of interest where thieves become aware your house will be empty for a while, and will use it to plan a heist.

3. If You Plan To Travel, Make Sure To Notify Your Neighbour

We all have “that” favorite neighbor we’re close to, right?

In that case, use it to your advantage, most especially if you’re going out on a trip this holiday.

Make sure to notify your neighbor that you’ll be out of town for a couple of days or weeks. This will ensure that someone can still keep an eye on your house while you’re away.

Besides getting some extra help from your neighbor, installing home automation would also be a great strategy to secure your homes.

You can even add some motion light sensors and even smart light bulbs so you can conveniently control your home anywhere you are.

4. Don’t Flaunt Your Christmas Gifts From The Window

Well, what can we say- it’s Christmas getting a lot of Christmas gifts under the Christmas tree is a typical scenario.

But don’t get too excited and giddy. This may be a point of interest for a robbery (especially if your gifts are clearly seen by the window.)

Thieves will be thieves, and they would always be on the go to steal anything they please. So, we suggest you don’t do anything to attract them to steal anything from your home.

And yes, that includes the presents under the Christmas tree being seen from outside your window.

Make sure to locate your Christmas tree somewhere else in the house, away from the doors and windows.

Oh, and another thing.

If you’re one of those who usually expect items from deliveries like Amazon, make sure you install a doorbell or a camera by your front porch. 

A doorbell so you can quickly be notified when deliveries arrive.

And a camera to ensure all deliveries and items are monitored well.

5. Keep Potentially Dangerous Items Away From Both Children And Pets

Lastly, always make sure to keep your home both child-proof and pet friendly to avoid unwanted trouble and injuries.

Do this by making sure you keep potentially dangerous items and decorations out of reach at all times.

May it be breakable glass ornaments and decorations, or some holiday plants and poinsettias that could be toxic and poisonous when eaten- always keep in mind to put all these things somewhere safe.

So what do you say? It’s time you say yes to keeping a Merry (and a safe) Christmas! All that it takes is strategic planning and caution to ensure you’ll have an enjoyable yuletide season.

Merry Christmas to all!

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