A Quick Guide To Setting Up Your Security Cameras At Home

Setting up security cameras in your home by yourself can be tricky.

Truth be told, there’s no longer a need to hire a security company to help you install your security system.

Today, all you need is the perfect mix of wireless cameras and a single app!

Although we must say, choosing the DIY path can be confusing. Not only do you have to deal with wireless motion sensor cameras and connect them to your smart-phone app, but you also need to ensure they’re put in the perfect spot.

That’s where camera placement comes in.

As the CEO of Secure Your World Scott Cairns, camera placement is a vital aspect to consider when setting up security systems.

When security cameras are placed strategically, there is a high possibility of discouraging burglars even thinking of breaking-in homes.

Strategic placement of security cameras also means you prevent objects like trees and other structures from blocking its lens to ensure you’re able to capture all movements.

Setting Up The Best Camera For Your Homes

Scott Cairns, CEO of Secure Your World highly recommends that homeowners WiFi cameras that are wire-free and battery operated.

These cameras are very simple and straightforward to install. It’s wireless design guarantees perfect vision that can be easily detected using your smart phones and other devices.

Although if you prefer to have wired security cameras, Cairns highly recommends seeking professional help for installation.

Considering Privacy For Camera Placements

Considering your security camera placement is way beyond just ensuring your cameras catch intruders who are up to no good.

When installing your cameras, it is essential that you also consider the privacy of your nearby neighbors.

Ensure your cameras don’t point towards areas your neighbors intend for seclusion and isolation like bedrooms and living rooms.

Best Areas To Secure Your Cameras At Home

Wondering about the best spots you can locate your security cameras? We’ll gladly share them with you!

For your property’s front area, place the security cameras at the:

  • Front door
  • Front gate
  • Driveway
  • Garage

For your property’s rear area, place the security cameras at the:

  • Back door
  • Back gate
  • Children’s play area
  • Swimming pool

Consider also placing cameras on areas easily accessed like your verandas. Your security cameras must overlook this area too since it’s considered to be one of the key access points for entry.

In terms of areas inside your house, ensure to set up security cameras in your:

  • Front door
  • Living room
  • Home office
  • Key access points like the veranda

The Bottomline

One key thing about keeping your home theft-proof is beyond just securing security cameras.

It’s also all about making sure they’re installed in all the right places so you can guarantee to keep an eye on the bad guys 24/7!

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