Step Up Your Home Safety With High-Tech Home Security Systems

Out in the market to amp up your home security system?

Sounds great!

While you’re at it, we’re here to tell you it’s about time to spice it up a notch and ensure you’re eyeing out for a security system with the latest high-tech features.

Today, we’ll share with you some of the advanced developments available in the market that will guarantee to keep your family not only safe but live in security more conveniently.

What are you waiting for? Let the stepping up of security systems begin!

What’s So Good About High-Tech Security Systems?

As mentioned, security systems that embody high-technology features both add an extra layer of precaution to your home and convenience in lifestyle.

With simple and straightforward usage, it makes your life easier!

High-tech security advancements available today allow you to monitor your homes anywhere you are. You could be sitting in your office preparing for a board meeting or on your way to a pilates class.

Either way, you can still keep an eye on what matters to you most- your home!

These high-tech features even make you pre-set your air conditioner’s temperature at home even before you arrive.

What could be better than going home to a fresh and cool living room, right?

With a home security system with high-tech features, you can also:

  • Lock and unlock your garage
  • Secure your front gate and front doors
  • Control your lights

And a lot more!

And oh, here’s a really cool bonus.

Through investing in a security system with high-tech features, you’re guaranteed added value to your home.

Sweet, right?

It goes to show that adding a home security system with advanced features can:

  • Add to your home’s value if you’re planning to sell it in the future
  • Allow you to live both in a secure and comfortable environment

Either way, it’s a win-win for you!

High-Tech Security System Features To Look Out For

Now that you understand how high-tech security can be smart investments for your family let’s jump into some of the high-tech security systems features you can look out for.

Wireless Detection

What’s great about home security systems available today is that they offer a higher security level to all entry points of your home with wireless detection.

Let’s have the Bosch Solution 3000 as an example.

The Bosch Solution 3000 alarm system, a high-tech security system in the market, offers its users the following features:

  • May be partitioned into two separate areas
  • Wireless connection up to 16 detection devices (offering 16 programmable zones)
  • May trigger panic alarms via mobile devices
  • Works with Bosch RADIO wireless transmitters

With a home security system offering detection devices such as wireless motion sensors, both heat and movement is easily detected in your homes.

It’s safe to say that no one is stepping in your home without your alarm ringing-and without you knowing.

Remote Control Access

One thing you should know is that home security is beyond just the idea of keeping intruders out.

It also means keeping your family inside safely, easier, and faster.

That is where Remote Security Control Plus (RSC+) app technology comes into the picture. (And one that you should look out for when getting a home security system.)

The RSC+ is an advanced remote control app you can easily navigate through your AndroidOS or IOS smartphones, that works seamlessly with your alarm system.

With the RSC+, you can easily open entry points for your family members (or visitors) remotely wherever you may be.

But don’t worry, in case they leave, RSC+ also allows you to arm your locks and alarms right back too.

Turning Your Air Conditions On

Here’s something else you need to know about your RSC+ app.

They can turn on your air conditioner remotely too!

So, there’s no need to worry if you’re in the middle of summer (or even winter) cause you can pre-set the temperature the way you want to before coming home.

Aside from connecting your RSC+ to your air conditioners, you can also seek assistance from your security installer to integrate other smart technology and appliances at home.

What a great way to live smart and secure!

Alarm Pads

With alarm code pads that use simple and straightforward LCD icons and alphanumeric characters, detecting the alarm’s cause through icons and text becomes easier!

When out in the market looking for security systems, look for a touch screen alarm with added features too.

An alarm pad that can double as a digital frame would be an incredible disguise, don’t you think so?

The Bottomline

It’s safe to say that home security systems with high-technology features don’t only guarantee complete safety and security.

Aside from that, they can absolutely add to the family’s convenience through the smart living it brings.

Let us secure what you love